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Archdaily 丨10th, 04, 2018


2014-2017, Completed

China has gone through a period of rapid urbanization in the past decades. In 1980, China's urban population accounted for only 19% of the total population, and by 2020, the government expected this figure to reach 60%. In addition to a large number of sociological and economic problems, the rapid urbanization process has brought great challenges to urban planning, architecture and even the investment and operation of all kinds of commercial real estate in the city. These problems are becoming more and more obvious in the northern super deep cities.

The origin of the project is a real projection of the above problems. Putuo District Huada Technology Park started and started in 2006, and its planning and architectural design began in 2008 and completed in 2012. After the completion of the project, the owners and the local government found that the location and properties of the project itself have been far from the actual needs of the citizens and the overall development strategy of the cities in the region. By the beginning of 2013, the location of the massif has become a south of Putuo District's genuine sub center, which is regarded as a western extension of only 1.5 kilometers from the inner ring Jinsha River Road business circle. At the same time, the upper cover property of Dadu River Road, No. 13 of the Metro Line has natural commercial and spatial advantages, and at this time it has a large number of podium space in China. The Science Park, as a scientific and Technological Park Based on office research and development, has only a small proportion of business matching. It can not support the transformation of the property of the community level commercial center with large business, whether from the space form, the facade language or the moving line of the project.