Authorisation Project


Minhang, Shanghai





2015-2018, Completed

We choose the white perforated aluminum plate to effectively reduce the cost of the project and ensure the permeability of the large area unit facade. These perforated aluminum plates constantly change the angle of the face in the depth of the 35mm, eventually forming a dynamic and continuous rhythm in the horizontal direction of the building facade, whether it is sunlight or the observer's own position. Changes, the overall effect of facade will produce a completely different effect. The expansion of the entrance to strengthen the space guidance and improve the overall proportion of the facade, and at the same time the two floor of the entire building volume is the only place to connect with the external environment of the terrace space.

Krzysztof Nawratek once mentioned a characteristic of the post modern architecture, that is, the complete stripping between the internal function of the building and the external form, and the form and the facade language will serve the needs of the macro and the urban interface more. When the original architectural color of the kindergarten is slowly fading, the white architectural image suggests a domesticated role as an active background in the place, and actively responds to the noisy urban space on a larger scale.