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2017, Conceptual Design

In early 2016, China's State Council issued a new requirement for the practice of urban planning and architectural design in the urban region: for promoting a more reliable and efficient urban spatial system, in principle, residential areas should be no longer have closed boundary like fences and walls, and those existing residential quarters and other large institutions like universities and government offices which located in the city centre should gradually open the unit to let the internal roads and spaces be the public.

In this initiative, the attraction to me is not to find a new way to adapt the residential area planning and design, but those who exist in the city centre of large institutions, especially the universities. And then coincidentally, The University of Sheffield, which now I am taking my postgraduate programme in it, is a very local university that entirely intertwined with the urban space. Therefore I take The University of Sheffield as the object of my research and try to find out the specific links between the university and city with assessing the impacts on both sides. Hope that through this project, we can find out the guidance and direction for the Chinese universities acting better when they try to integrate into the city in the future.