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Kenneth H Murta Prize in Architecture

Architecture Fringe Exhibition in Edinburgh

JolA - Journal of Landscape Architecture


2017, Conceptual Design

'(De)Constructing Normality in the Camp' revolves around the socio-cultural necessities of life that are beyond the bare essentials required to sustain life. This study is initiated through a constructive criticism of UNHCR's interpretation of normality in the camp and it's analysis. The results aim to evolve as a humble effort to improve the quality of refugee life in the camp by suggesting amendments to the way UNHCR approaches the current refugee crisis. Our study focusses on identifying those elements that differentiate the camp from the normalities of life that exists outside the camp. The refugee camp has a walled-city like structure and the improvement of life within the camp is only possible through mutual help and social interaction between it’s inhabitants. Our studio methodology of employing scenario games and parametric site modelling has thoroughly helped us in identifying unique narratives of refugees lives in the camp.

The primary aim of the self-growing community centre is to empower the refugees by helping them to identify their needs and then giving them a hand in addressing it. This would aid in making the refugees self reliant negating the feeling of helpless dependency on the UNHCR for any of their needs and aspirations to be fulfilled.