Haimen, Jiangsu





2019-, Progressing

It’s not us who will change the future of society, but children, who will be the gardeners of the future Eden, with the initial power of penetrating through the material of outer shell of the adult world. In order to break through the standardization and tutelage for students in the context of large scale and quick construction, we’re trying to establish a oasis for them at the edge of city and nature through the  means of architecture.

With an intimate connection with nature, the multi-layered spaces offer flexible and diversified teaching spaces which encourage student’s activities such as meandering through, playing around and bumping into one another. In contrast to the traditional education spaces, our attempt activates and diversifies different formats of teaching. The public nature also nourishes a socially viable atmosphere for students to interact. The garden-like spaces respond to the traditional city fabric of Suzhou, and the stacking which forms the vertical academy efficiently tackles the challenge of having a lack of space in the site.